Find the Best Forex Bonus for 2024

Forex bonuses are an essential part practically of any dealing center or a Forex broker; accordingly, they exist in most companies. It is worth mentioning that although Forex promos are omnipresent, their realization conditions, i.e. delivery and usage details are quite different among companies. Anyway, Forex bonus is sure to help increase startup capital without any special effort. This list also includes Forex bonuses 2024, meaning bonuses that have appeared this year but missed there before.

The bonus amount fluctuates a lot from company to company and may be expressed both as a percentage and fixed surplus. Some brokers and dealing centers offer bigger bonuses for the first deposit than for the following ones, in other cases the bonus amount increases in percentage terms with the deposit growth. The list contains broker’s bonuses that might be of interest for traders due to their sizes, conditions, and etc.

Best Forex Rewards for Beginners 2024
Broker Regulation Max Leverage Min Deposit Reward Review Site
Easy Markets Review ASiC, CySEC 1:200 $25 $2,000 Read Review Trade Now
XM Review ASiC, CySEC, NFA, FSP 1:888 £5 £5,000 Read Review Trade Now
FXGiants Review FCA, ASiC 1:200 $100 $2,000 Read Review Trade Now

We are going to reveal 10 little tricks you have to pay attention to when opening a Forex account.

  1. The service period of your future broker in the market. Find out how long this broker has been offering access services to Forex. This will help you to avoid short-lived companies with a bad reputation.
  2. Reputation and reviews on the forum. Don’t skip reading important information about your broker, find it at any traders’ forums and ask forum members’ opinions about your broker.
  3. Forex-brokerage license. Check the company information; find out who and when it was licensed at least at its official website.
  4. Deposit bonus when adding funds. This topic has been covered in this article. Look for a broker that gives a substantial bonus when opening an account.
  5. Some companies (like banks) add interest on the free money (around 6-10% annually) – it’s not much, but still something…
  6. Note the ways of withdrawing funds your broker offers, it is desirable that Webmoney should not be the only way, but also a bank transferring or withdrawing money to a card could be possible.
  7. Find out if the company organizes traders’ competitions using demo-accounts with real money prizes. You can take part and win real money. Many traders do that, after winning a competition they use the money obtained to trade on their real accounts.
  8. Check out what trading platform your dealing center is providing. It is natural that now the most popular is MetaTrader, it is this platform that the main software and advisors are adapted to.
  9. Of course, when choosing a broker pay attention to spread, minimum deposit, get a broker whose conditions fit your requirements at most.
  10. Finally, after you earn your first money with this broker, withdraw a certain amount to see if there will be any withdrawing problems and how fast the broker transfers you that money.

Have a successful trading!

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsBonuses are the main option for promos being carried out; the offer range is wide enough from 10 to 100 percent when augmenting an account.

  • When adding funds first time or each time, it is obvious that the latter option is better, but you should pay attention to the total amount in percentage as well.
  • Whether bonuses participate or don’t in the drawdown. Bonuses participating in drawdowns are quite rare, as they very likely to increase traders’ chances to save unprofitable deal.
  • Withdrawable or non-withdrawable funds. In some cases only the profit may be withdrawn, in others the entire bonus itself.
  • Non-deposit bonuses are a small amount of $20-$25 that can help to check how a broker operates a real account.

As for negative moments it is important to point out such things as blocking an account until bonus is fully worked off or abolishing a bonus in case of early money release.

What do you really get with such a bonus?

Basically, you only get a chance to trade and withdraw the primary bonus, because advancing a bonus doesn’t greatly differ from margin trading.

But this is a lot, for example, you add $1,000 to your account and receive $500 as a bonus, according to the withdrawal terms it is necessary to make several deals with the total amount of 100 lots. Let’s calmly trade to fulfill the necessary volume, even if it takes a month or two.

Selecting the right Forex deposit amount

We will try to answer the question: “How much can one earn in Forex with minimal risks (following the rules of Forex money management) that means with maximum security, taking into account the first deposit amount?”

And, of course, you will find out what amount you have to open a Forex trading account (deposit) for, so that to receive as much money as you need providing that you follow the rules of SAFE Forex trading.

It is quite clear that you have already known from other articles on this website that not only can you earn money with Forex, but you really get profit, with taking as few risks of money losses as possible. By doing that it is quite feasible to increase your chances and probabilities to become a Forex professional trader and stay in the market for a long time, which means you will be able to earn money and withdraw profits regularly, subsequently the deposit, your main trading capital, will be enlarged.

However, we have to reveal the dependence between your future profits gained by trading in Forex and the amount of YOUR deposit. This dependence is sure to exist! Otherwise, all traders including beginners would have become millionaires long time ago…

Between +20% and +30% to your deposit at the beginning of the month is considered to be a good monthly average profit in Forex! Professional traders have this kind of profits. Obviously, to start making this money, you need a lot of practice, market insights and a Forex strategy verified in time, for example, “Wolf Waves” or another strategy described in the video “Safe Forex”.

Forex Currency TradingLess experienced traders, including the ones who have taken my Forex video courses on this website, receive an average profit about +10-15%. We also consider this as a good result, especially when it is stable. If you achieve such results, you have really acquired a very high level in Forex trading, this level may be called professional or, in other words, “you are realized as a successful trader”! Of course, not everyone can reach this kind of result, but if there is a lot of desire and practice involved, it is very REAL.

Now let’s calculate what 20-30% per month means? It means that:
Each $1,000 gives you or you earn $200-300 profit a month! (Accordingly, if your account is in cents, this amount will be in cents). If your deposit is $100 (or in cents), you receive $20-30 or cents, respectively. Deposit of $10,000 (or in cents) produces $2,000-3,000 (or in cents) profit. Hence, if you wanted to earn $10,000 per month, your Forex deposit would have to be at minimum: $35,000-50,000. Also, you should remember that this sum shows exactly the amount of free funds, i.e. funds that you will risk losing (read more about it in the article “Risk Management”).

We understand some disappointment of those who only want to study Forex trading, because they would like to receive 100-200% profit per month, but we tell you, you won’t get 20-30% regularly, because, for example, during the first month you will receive +100% in deposit, the second one will bring +70%, the third will bring +20%, and some months won’t bring anything or even losses: -10% or -15% (although, having selected Forex strategy correctly, that is allowing minimal loss risks, you will rarely experience the losses, even you could say that they almost never happen).

As a result – regular profit of +20%-30% per month!!! And it is very good. If you can earn bigger profit regularly – it is great! So now, have you probably estimated what deposit you have to get so as Forex could become your additional or even main income?

Also, you should understand that Forex trade beginners might see “worse” results, so before you get your hopes up to receive this profit, you have to practise with smaller amounts of money and take trading much more seriously, meaning LEARN Forex trading!

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Easy Forex Trading Ltd 2003 5th Floor Kriel Court, 1 Griva Digheni, P.O. Box 53742, Limassol 3317, Cyprus +357 25 828 899
Trading Point Holdings Ltd 2009 12 Richard & Verengaria Street, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor 3042 Limassol, Cyprus +357 25029933
8Safe UK Limited 2015 Level 17, 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 +61 286 078 347