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Forex non-deposit bonus is getting more and more popular day by day. Due to this scheme the potential range of exchange market participants has significantly grown. Now anyone can become a trader even without any capital for investment. Such bonus is special resources transferred to the traders’ accounts as a result of fulfilling previously agreed conditions. The main advantage is that there is no need to invest your own money that you have worked so hard to earn. Thus, traders receive a double benefit: they can make deals without a deposit or work with their own money, if there is such desire, and in both cases they can get profit. Losses in this case are not connected with real stress, because losing the bonus money is not that painful.

Forex no deposit bonuses are very popular both among beginners and experienced traders. It is a great opportunity for newbies to try trading in the exchange market. More experienced traders can test and verify their own trading strategies without risking their money. Trading advisors can be tested with these non-deposit bonuses, because those who are familiar with real trading in Forex market know very well that their work differs a lot from that one when they do with demo-accounts. In addition, it appears very important to get a right idea of a concrete product or service a trader is planning to use.

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Terms and Conditions

The primary compulsory condition is to register a real trading account. To do that you have to register an account on a broker’s website. Some individual cases may occur.

  • To receive a bonus – a demo-account is registered, where a bonus will be automatically transferred after the verification. These accounts have certain restrictions. Carefully read the conditions for such accounts.
  • There are sometimes cases when you can open several accounts to receive the bonus. In this case you have to read withdrawing conditions very carefully.

The second condition is the account verification. After registering an account, you have to show a document to confirm your identity. The procedure is very simple. Scan the passport page with your photo and submit the scan in your private cabinet in the “Verification” part for checking.

We will support you at each verification step. We have a lot of experience and know all Forex details very well. That is why if you have any doubt or questions, don’t hesitate to apply to us, and we will always help you. You will not only receive help in obtaining the bonus, but also the strategy how to trade this bonus.

Our additional offer is big deposit bonuses. It is unbelievable, but there are brokers that offer 100% deposit bonus and free trading signals in a single package. It would be a great mistake to ignore such offers, especially, if your trading capital is no more than $1,000. When you make this kind of deposit, you receive Forex bonus of $1,000 on your account. This is a significant amount of money for serious trading.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Forex non-deposit bonus is a total absence of risks while trading in the exchange market. As a result, a novice trader receives necessary trading skills as well as an opportunity to earn money. However, no deposit bonuses have their minuses; the principal one is that a $100 deposit or less is not enough to normally trade in Forex. With few exceptions a trader will lose this deposit and get completely disappointed in Forex trading. To avoid this you need to have a $500 or more deposit and carefully follow the rules of the trading system and money management. Another disadvantage is that non-deposit bonuses are mostly offered by young brokerages which are not always very reliable. When trading in Forex, we recommend you to work only with reliable companies from the best brokers’ list.

The principle of no deposit bonuses

The Internet trading is known to be sometimes inaccessible for everybody, however, it is very important to be well aware of a product or service you are going to use, because demo-accounts are not real, and they can’t show you the entire atmosphere of real trading, but non-deposit Forex can cope with that easily without risking your money. Nowadays new Forex no deposit bonuses are much-in demand, apart from that it is one of the most popular ways to receive some startup capital for novice traders.

There are lots of successful traders who started without any deposit in Forex, as it is well known the amount of the initial capital does not play a decisive role in getting success. In 2023 companies carry out a lot of promotions among which there is a Forex non-deposit bonus. Some companies can make such a type of accounts as a Forex no deposit account available especially for free trading, and as a rule, they have the same features as “common” trading accounts.

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How to make a withdraw?

After taking these 3 simple steps, you will possess an augmented account to start Forex trading. You might wonder at this stage if you can withdraw your profit and non-deposit bonus itself. Brokers have different approaches to this:

A free withdrawal of the profit and bonus amount in case all turnover requirements are fulfilled. The most successful option for you is to withdraw the profit at any moment and with time after reaching a certain turnover on account (usually 1 lot for each USD 2-3 of the bonus money) you can withdraw the non-deposit bonus itself.

A limited withdrawal of the profit and Forex no deposit bonus. This option requires making a certain turnover on a bonus account; as a rule, it is 1 lot for each USD 2-3 of the profit. Only after fulfilling this condition the trading bonus profit may be withdrawn. The limitations sometimes envisage the impossibility of withdrawing for one or two months after receiving a non-deposit bonus. As a matter of fact, the non-deposit bonus cannot be taken from this kind of brokers at all.

Withdrawing the profit received within a certain period. In this case the bonus amount can be used temporarily, usually from a couple of days to a week. The entire profit received from this bonus trading in this period is available for withdrawing. On the expiry of this period the bonus amount is deducted from the account balance.

We recommend you to choose Forex non-deposit bonuses offered by brokers having the approach described in the first point; it will allow you to practise in real market conditions without taking any risks fulfilling turnover requirements.

FAQ: Is it possible to withdraw the bonus money?

Certainly, no brokerage will work for its own loss; therefore, you will not be able to withdraw the non-deposit bonus at once. But you can withdraw the profit received from this bonus trading. At the same time each broker has their own rules of profit withdrawal. With time some brokers allow withdrawing a no deposit bonus but to do that you are required to trade a certain turnover. It should be noted that some brokers set time limits for using a bonus. There is also an option of free profit withdrawal which seems to be the best option. Anyway, read the conditions offered by a broker you have chosen very carefully!